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Cinco de Mayo Parade

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Irish Rose Carriages was established in 1990 with our first horse “Dolly” and one carriage. Our company has grown one horse and one carriage at a time.  We are proud to be one of Denver’s oldest carriage operating services. Because of the love of the Draft Horse breed of horse. Irish Rose Carriage’s owner,  gave up a career in Real Estate and other business interests to operate and build this company.

We honor our first horse Dolly; her strength, unique personality and committment to our new company made Irish Rose what it is today. Her best friend Tiege was our 2nd carriage horse and he worked in Denver for 21 years giving thousands of customers wonderful carriage rides. His specialty ride the “City & County Building” Holiday Light Tour, was enjoyed by 100’s of large families each year during the Holiday Season. Tiege was a wonderful horse that we will always honor and love for he can never be replaced. “Dolly and Tiege” are the icons of Denver’s carriage horse scene.

About Our Carriage HorsesTiegeRyan

We love our horses and take great pride in their care. What is unique about the care of our horses is that we proudly retire each and every one of our horses when they tell us that they’re no longer able to do what they enjoy. We also retire each horse right on our property where they will continue to live out the remaining of their lives with us. Carriage horses wear a specialized custom shoe that we call their “Running shoes” to protect their feet and legs from injury while working.

Horses @ Home

All of our horses have homes on a large acreage horse ranch located about 30 miles from Downtown Denver. Each horses has his/her own stable and everything suitable to make his/her life relaxing and pampered. Many people are surprised to learn that our horses have wardrobes (blankets) that match their personalities.


Built to Pull



We are often asked how often our horses “work”. Carriage horses are bred to pull, which means it is in their physical and mental nature to “work”. Carriage horses can pull 2 1/2 to 3 times their weight with very little effort. Weighing in close to a ton or more, these Draft Horses are built to pull and without an occasional carriage pull, their muscles become weak. Irish Rose horses work on average only 2-3 days per week and no more than 5 hours per shift. All regular shifts are in the cool evening Denver hours. On each shift they have a lot of rest time between rides. When we venture into the city with our horses, they eagerly load into what we call their “Winnebago”, which is a large horse trailer. Our horses love their work and when you come down to see us, you’ll experience this for yourself.

Fun Fact

Our horse, Willow, (pictured above) was featured in a Southwest Airlines Super Bowl commercial about 4 years ago!

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Since 1990

Irish Rose Drafts is Downtown Denver’s oldest horse carriage company. Stop by and see us in Downtown Denver!

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